Game Theory Works

And You Should Learn About It
I wanted you to know that what you taught me works! I finally got the piece of equipment we talked about. After trying to convince the powers that be for the last 3 years, they finally agreed after I changed my approach. Everyone should understand this concept you teach.
Richard B.

Business Presentation Based on Game Theory

Game Theory is a powerful concept for solving the problem of arriving at solutions benefiting all parties involved in a transaction. It is a strategy to improve your chances of ‘winning’.

At TeachUPresentation, we have studied Game Theory and extracted the most useful principles to incorporate into our advanced presentation training. It will improve your presentation effectiveness: guaranteed.

Game Theory goes beyond win-win to get you the results you want through satisfying the needs and desires of the other party. To satisfy the other party, you have to understand those needs and desires. That is what makes Game Theory so effective. When you deeply understand what makes a win, in Game Theory called a “pay-off”, you will be able to follow a logical strategy to a successful conclusion.

Our TeachU 2 Win™ Strategy Works

We extracted the parts of game theory that apply to business, simplified the math and built upon the concepts. Years of testing and feedback from clients (like you) helped us refine a powerful new business approach that we have branded as The TeachU 2 Win Strategy. It works.

The TeachU 2 Win Strategy has helped people get new and better paying jobs, lead teams to accomplish faster results and close more sales. We can make the claim because it works. And we can tell you it works because we guarantee that it works with the best training guarantee in the world: You pay AFTER we deliver the training.

Do you know what a zero-sum game is? Do you know that is the worst game to play in business? Because the concept isn’t widely understood, businesses play zero-sum games with hiring, sales, stakeholders, projects and product development. That’s insanely risky. Change the game and watch the wins accumulate in your column.

You just have to know how to do it.

I can put you in touch with clients who have used this strategy to achieve amazing results.

You will take your speaker training from someone who will give you body language tips (that don’t really work) or you can learn about a technique that earned a Nobel Prize. [You think body language is important? Stephen Hawking is one of the most sought after speakers in the world. Think about that.]