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The Real Art of the Deal

There Is No Art to These Deals his isn't a political post. Sorry to disappoint you if you came here to read a liberal tirade against Trump. I want to talk with you briefly about negotiation and the faults I see in all politicians as negotiators....

Why I Teach Game Theory

Why I Teach Game Theory Let's clear up a little confusion. In science, the term "theory" doesn't mean it's unproven and just a 'best guess'. A theory is something that is pretty well understood with some work yet to do. The theory of gravity is well demonstrated...

Presentation Goal

What's the Goal of Your Presentation? The most important step in planning a presentation is to determine the goal. Every presentation must have a goal and you, the presenter, must be clear on what that goal is. If you aren't sure or if you can't express it in a...

Boston Discount

Boston Special! Book a class at your business within 100 miles of Boston and get a 20% discount! What???! Why? I have good friends at M.I.T. who I love to visit---so I'll take any excuse to see them. I get to see my friends, you get a great deal. Book now!

Make Your Point!

When I ask, “what is the most important thing thing you need to know to prepare a presentation?”, I always get the the same answer. “I need to know what it’s about” or “what to cover”.

Make a Horse

Want a Great Presentation? Subtract! The effectiveness of a business presentation has very little to do with the 'prettiness' of the slides. In fact, most great presentations don't include slides! The key to effective business speaking is to reach the audience and...

Never End Your Presentation This Way

ou are just about finished with your presentation. It’s gone very well. You have engagement. Nobody is fiddling with their phone or drawing pictures on the back of the handout. It feels like you’ve got buy-in. Heads are nodding agreement. You can feel the energy. You get to the last slide and there is an awkward pause. You squirm a bit until someone says, “no.”

Make Promises That Hurt

People make promises in business all the time. They make promises to close sales. They make promises to get jobs. Managers make promises to boost performance. Most of the time promises are meaningless. Most of the time, promises are dismissed as mere sugary words. Why...

Nobody Are Perfect

There’s a difference in trying to be perfect by looking perfect, choosing the perfect words, designing the perfect slides, setting the perfect tone and delivering everything…perfectly. But a perfect presentation does not mean you will get good results. You might get an “A” for effort and still fail to connect with your audience.

Do Gimmicks Work?

Lady Gaga stunned the 2015 Oscars crowd by doing something very odd for her. What she did was odd, very odd, for singers today. It worked.

2 Negotiation Tips

When teaching presentation I always include a unit on Game Theory. At first, students have a hard time seeing how important some of the concepts are to achieving their desired outcome in a negotiated transaction. Once we explore the concepts in depth, it’s fun to see the lights burst on as people “get it”.

2 Important Keys to Presentation Results
Of the many tools we discuss, two are crucially important to getting what you want.