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Business Presentation, Communication, and Negotiation Skills Training
for Executives and Aspiring Professionals

Our advanced, executive level presentation training is like no other. We guarantee presentation improvement in:

  • Persuasion
  • Professionalism
  • Polish

Impress and persuade your audience.

The TeachU Presentation Difference

You will learn powerful speaking techniques developed by TeachU Presentation based on years of research and application at top companies. Our special techniques will show you and your team how to ‘control the room’ while speaking. You will learn to get the response you want from your presentations, meetings, and interviews. Our method is proven and supported by the great testimonials we get from our happy clients and backed by the best guarantee possible: You pay when you are satisfied.

Our training includes FREE support forever. Just call and I will help you. Period. No charge. No hassle. Who else provides support forever at no charge?

And, you’ll learn how to use the power of Game Theory which will improve every presentation you deliver.

Success Story: Game Theory Works!

Why do I teach Game Theory as part of my advanced presentation training? It works. I have a stack of testimonials from people just like you who have used this powerful tool to boost their career, save a client relationship, impress upper management and close big deals.

Actual Case Study

I met a nice guy at a conference where I delivered a presentation about Game Theory and how it will help get you what you want. The audience was so enthusiastic, they asked me to add 2 more hours to my talk! I’m always prepared and welcomed the opportunity.

After my presentation I had the usual rush of people who wanted to shake hands, share an experience and collect a business card. The last guy to approach me, let’s call him Richard, said, “this is exactly what I need. I have been trying to convince my CEO for three years to invest in a new piece of equipment that I know will benefit our business. I just can’t convince him. This stuff you covered feels like the answer.” I told him, Richard, call me. Let’s work together on the best approach.

We talked the following week and I helped Richard prepare his presentation.

A month later I got an email from Richard telling me that he now has a new $5 million machine in his shop. He also invited me to speak at another conference. The new machine did wonders for the business and Richard is the hero of that story.


We got a lot more than we expected. Not only did we get presentation skills training, we got a strategy to save a relationship with our biggest customer. Thank you Chris!

Terri S.

Director HR & Training Services

Serious Fun!

Everyone Participates

Our classes are very engaging. People learn when they are having fun. There is a lot of interaction in class.

Everyone Learns

Everyone is guaranteed to learn something new and useful. Your group will learn design techniques that work and strategies that are proven.

Our Unique Guarantee

You pay when we deliver. If you are happy, we get paid. There are no pre-payments.

Secret Special Discount

There’s a secret discount available but ONLY if you mention the password: Tin Drum

Call for details. (530) 467-5690

Making a presentation is an opportunity to showcase your skills if you know how.

After class I promise you will:

  1. Make more professional looking presentations (without having to be an artist)
  2. Create more audience interest and engagement (Being yourself, not trying to be Steve Jobs)
  3. Cut the time you need to create a presentation by half (Without cutting corners)
  4. Get what you want from your presentations more often (More sales, agreement, consensus)
What level of clients do you work with?
We specialize in advanced presentation training. We teach professional presentation design and strategy. Our intermediate through advanced courses include powerful negotiation techniques. That said, we also work with beginners on track with career development.
How far in advance must we book?
We need at least 30 days advance planning for your class. Because each course is custom planned to your group, it takes time working with your contact point to fine-tune the course. Also, booking travel 30 days in advance saves money and we pass that savings directly to you.
Discounts available?
Indeed! We offer discounts based on volume, length of stay at your business and type of organization. We discount non-profit organizations and universities. Government agencies that facilitate the paperwork for us also get a discount.

“Chris, I thought my technique was already pretty good. I tried yours on a real situation and was surprised to get the outcome I wanted in the first round of meetings. You win.”

Top Ranked State Government Official

“Pretty good deal. You came out to teach a class and on the first day made us $3.5 million dollars.”

CEO, Houston Based International Company

“Thank you so much. Now I’ll really need to lean on you. This new position is going to be a lot of work and I want to keep learning.”

Insurance Company Executive

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Avoid This Word!

Chris Reich

Chris Reich

Your Humble Instructor

I hope you’ll take a minute to look at a few presentation tips. These tips just might help you!

Don't Be Shy

Call anytime (530) 467-5690. We’re ready to serve you. We take care of our clients.  Remember! You pay when the work is done to your satisfaction!