Hands-on Class: Give Your Presentation a Makeover While Learning New Skills

Many people call asking for help to make their presentations look better. The reaction to the revised slides is always delight. What do I do? To make slides look a lot better, I subtract from the slides. Great design is a subtractive process. Then I apply the design techniques that you will learn in your class.

I can help you with your presentations by teaching you the secrets to making your slides look clean and professional. In this 90 minute private class, I will take your slides and re-work them together with you. When done, you will have the skills to produce professional business slides. This a live, interative class.

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I will contact you to answer your questions**. You are not obligated to enroll but by sending this form you will be entitled to a special discount of $50! Regular course cost is $149. We have evening and weekend times available. Group discounts too! 

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** You won’t be hounded by sales calls. I will contact you to arrange a time to answer your questions. There is NO OBLIGATION to enroll by submitting this form.

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