Advanced Executive Presentation Workshops At Your Location

Very Interactive, Fun and Effective. Results You Can Measure!

Presentation Skills Workshops:

Like A Class But Ultra-Concentrated

Would You Like to Host a Presentation Class But Your Budget Is Limited?
A Presentation Skills Workshop Is Your Answer

Advanced Executive Presentation Workshops are ultra versions of our advanced presentation classes. You get the maximum impact in a short time. A workshop can last from 2-4 hours depending on time available. The material will be packed into a fun and engaging workshop guaranteed to spark participation.

About Presentation Skills Workshops

You want quality presentation training but there isn’t enough in the budget for classes. A workshop is a great solution.

Workshops are a fun and action-packed format. You help me understand your goals and I will choose a couple modules from my regular classes to present to your group. The pace is fast and I guarantee that everyone will learn something new and useful. Education is a great morale builder because it tells your team that you are investing in them.

  • Every person who attends will learn something new and useful. GUARANTEED.
  • There is no limit to the number of people who can attend a workshop!
  • Perfect Addition to Your Quarterly Meetings – Ideal for Large Groups

How do we plan this?

Contact me. I will propose a presentation workshop with the right focus to hit your goals.

We will hit the high points of:

  1. Enhanced and advanced speaking techniques
  2. Strategic presentation—tips to up your success rate
  3. Time-saving presentation design tricks (make a better looking presentation in less time!)
  4. Speaker tips that will help any speaker have an edge

Want a Quote for a Workshop at Your Location?

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Chris! You really are ‘all in’ when you deliver training. The team is excited to try out the new things you taught them and I’m looking forward to seeing the results. You put a lot of new concepts on the table and I thought I knew what there was to know! The feedback was very enthusiastic even from the one who gave you a bad time—and you handled him well.

Bob G., Dallas, Texas

Sales Manager

Chris Reich, Presentation Instructor

I would enjoy planning and presenting a fun and productive presentation training workshop at your location. Remember! There is no limit to the number of people you can include. If you can seat them, I can handle it!

I personally guarantee everyone will learn something new. Pay after the workshop and you are completely satisfied.

This will be a very interactive session packed with lots of great tips. The time will fly by! I would like at least 2 hours. If you can give me more time, all the better. I promise that you will be satisfied, your group will learn new skills and the cost will be within your budget.


Chris Reich, Presentation Instructor