Advanced-Intermediate Executive Presentation Classes At Your Location

Because You Want the Best Possible Training

Advanced, Executive Presentation Classes for Small Groups

Looking for intermediate – advanced presentation training for a group? You have come to the right place. You’ll love our brand of presentation training because we cover the important things guaranteed to make every attendee a better speaker.

We will mix in a few PowerPoint tips that will help you produce better-looking slides in less time. You will learn a method that will help you plan every presentation toward a successful outcome.  And, you will learn techniques based on years of research and proven by hundreds of clients that make you a better speaker.

Stimulating Presentation Workshops for Groups

Workshops are a great training solution because there is no limit on the number of people who can attend. Workshops are concentrated presentation events. Working with you, we will select a few topics that will be of maximum benefit to your group. We’ll present an interesting, interactive workshop packed with tips for the intermediate to advanced speaker. The typical workshop is 2-4 hours in duration.

No one will be bored and everyone will learn something new because we teach you the techniques used by the most influential speakers. No limit to the number of people. No time limits. Perfect for any budget. Guaranteed satisfaction.

Advanced-Intermediate Group Presentation Skills Training at Your Location

  • Inspire your audience
  • Get the deal
  • Convince the boss
  • Build consensus
There is no other presentation training like this!
Be ready for any presentation situation. You will master a skill that will benefit your team and your business.

Great presentation is about stepping up, prepared and persuasive knowing you are ready. Learn how to grab interest and establish your credibility. Learn how to persuade your audience by helping them win. That’s right, helping them win.

Everybody wins. In fact, that’s the first thing you’ll learn in class. You win when you make sure that everybody wins.

About Our Presentation Classes
We start with a planning conversation with you. You tell us the needs you have identified and we will customize the class to hit those needs. We guarantee that everyone who attends our class will learn something new.

After class, we include private time with the instructor. (FREE) Your people can work privately on important presentations or get help with things they didn’t want to address in class.

We can include books, but that is an optional cost. We’ll break it all out in your quote.

From This Class, Your Group Will Master:

  • How to Create a Professional Presentation in Less Time With the Quick Slide™ Process
  • How to Make Better looking Slides Without Being a Graphic Artist
  • How to Use Stories Even If You’re Not the Next Hemingway (It’s easy!)
  • How to Be a Better Speaker: No “um uh” Reading Slides. (And Be Yourself!)
  • How to Control the Dialogue— Even in Delicate Situations
  • How to Use a PROVEN Strategy Based on the Science Behind Game Theory (This won a Nobel Prize)
  • How to Control the Clock— Finish on Time, Every Time
  • How to Control the Outcome— Get the Desired Response Every Time

Our TeachU to Win System™ win will make you a better presenter, speaker, and negotiator because it works!

Clients love my classes because I don’t waste time. We focus on business. You will experience the content my business clients love. Why are they so excited? Because it works. Find out for yourself.

What You Get:

  • A full presentation/speaker training course customized to your group (sales, executive, representative, PR, etc.)
  • Private hours for people to work with the instructor one-on-one
  • A full extra (and FREE) day for people to review and discuss presentations or practice speaking with video
  • Books for every student (optional)
  • UNLIMITED, No Cost follow-up for your company (Call with questions and there will never be charges!)
  • Our unique guarantee: Pay after classes are complete and you are satisfied (No deposits, No Pre-payment)


You want to make a good choice when choosing a presentation training program. Right?

Chris Reich, Presentation Instructor
I would love to provide your presentation and business speaker training. You will get a superior level of business training because I teach and work as a consultant to many businesses. My unique perspective benefits because I have been on the inside with many diverse companies. Put this experience to work for you and the benefits will exceed the cost. I back that claim with the best guarantee in the industry.  Chris Reich

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