Presentation Advice
There Is No Place for Dancing Baloney in a Great Presentation

I hate dancing baloney and so does your audience.

What, you ask, is dancing baloney?

Text that flips in, rotates out, spirals around and bounces off the screen
Clip art of bunnies waving at us from the screen
Slide transitions that induce seizures in children

Those items and other touches of “creativity” are what Mr. Look At What I Figured Out uses to “break things up a little” and “add some lightness to a presentation”, a very bad presentation.

If your presentation is so bad that adding exploding bullet points breaks things up a little, you need fewer bullet points.

Okay, once in a great while there is a time to add a text effect. Maybe. Maybe if used very, very sparingly.

There is never a time to use cheesy, animated clip-art. NEVER.

Wait! There might be a time to use animated clip-art.

If you really want to annoy your audience, add some animated clip-art.

Chris Reich, TeachUPresentation.com