Get Your Presentation in Focus

Here’s a Presentation Tip: Win Your Point

The Key To Successful Presentation: Don’t Just Make Your Point, Win It!

When I ask, “what is the most important thing thing you need to know to prepare a presentation?”, I always get the the same answer. “I need to know what it’s about” or “what to cover”.

Wrong and wrong!

Presentation is never about what to cover. Never.

Presentation is about defining and achieving a GOAL.

When I teach a presentation class, I have a lot of material to cover. Sure. But I have a goal. That goal is to make everyone who takes my presentation course into a great, successful presenter! A successful presenter. That means the presenter achieves something greater than merely covering material.

Get the sale.

Convince the boss to buy a new machine or hire more people.

Get the promotion.

Convince the board to let you start the new project.

Get the raise.

Explain to the CEO why sales declined and how that will be corrected without having your head lopped off.

Get the new project.

Do you see that these are all actions that speak achievement. Did I say cover all the accounting data from the third quarter? No. What if you must? Then what?

Then your goal is cover the accounting data from the third quarter so that everyone understands it. And, if action is recommended you can get ‘them’ to take that action! See! That’s not just ‘covering’ the subject.

Come on people. We want some action. Even from accounting. No more death by bullet points or horrible copy/paste graphs from Excel, please. Your audience wants action. It’s not impossible.

Next presentation you prepare, start by thinking about the goal.

Chris Reich,