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Understanding Game Theory Will Improve the Results of Your Presentations.

Superb Onsite Classes

Onsite, Engaging Class
Introduction to Game Theory

Want to boost the influence of your management or sales team? Understanding Game Theory will provide a deep insight into what motivates people to agree with you


Onsite, High Return
Game Theory In Presentation

Arrange a private executive training. Review your slides together, get ideas for improving your presentation, and learn new tricks.

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Learn PowerPoint’s Cool Stuff in 1 Hour

1-Hour PowerPoint Classes, Taught Online, Live Instructor, Limited Spaces

Business-Minded Instructor

Chris Reich (pronounced “rich“) has helped professionals with important presentations for the past 15 years. Chris uses his experience as a business consultant and national speaker to help other professionals deliver top-flight presentations. You won’t waste your time with silly dancing baloney. Chris knows the rules of business and when to bend them to make a point.

Would you like to take your presentation skills to the next level? Now you can! Contact Chris to arrange a private executive training for you or your entire team. Each session is about an hour (we add time for questions). Let the questions fly! Or, tell me what’s needed and a special class will be prepared just for you. Many companies book classes once a month.

Chris Reich - Presentation Instructor

I have been teaching Advanced Presentation Technique to professionals and executives for more than 20 years. My special approach to business strategy using Game Theory benefits business and government leaders around the country.

Now your team can take the classes previously offered only to my best clients. These one-day classes will give your team an advantage in every negotiation from sales meetings to important business presentations. This technique works so well it feels like a super-power. Here’s the great news! It’s not about pressure. It’s all about giving the other party what they want!


The extensive business background I bring to every class means that you will learn the most important, professional, cost-saving processes for being a more influential person.

My business experience will help you create your best presentations and run your best meetings ever.  Knowing how to use Game Theory in business will change the course of your career.

Chris, the class was great. The team is now thinking in new ways and our customers are responding positively. You gave us a big morale boost.

Jim E., CEO, Manufacturing Company

These Classes Are Only Available from Chris Reich

PowerPoint Class: Dealing with Fonts

Introduction to Game Theory

This is life-changing class. Game Theory is a means of predicting and guiding human behavior. It’s based on Nobel Prize winning science and mathematics. I will take away the boring parts and present a fun and powerful class to your team.

Learn not only teach the concepts and background, but also how to use Game Theory to increase your influence.

When? Onsite, Anywhere in the U.S., 6 Hours, No Limit on Number of Attendees

Cost? Reg. $8800 Limited Time Offer: $4750 (Includes ALL, NO Further Costs!)  You save OVER $4000!

Game Theory in Presentation

This 1-Hour Class is all about saving you time. Time when working with text, images, and layouts. Need to present to a big client and want to use their colors? Bam! You have their exact shade of blue. Need their logo? Bam! You have it. Slides look boring? Bam! Add polish to your slides fast! Too much text on a slide? Bam! Fix it fast even when you cannot add another slide!

Want to set up your own template? Bam! 5 minutes and DONE. This class is all about saving you time. Give me an hour and I’ll give you your nights and weekends back.

When? March 27th, 10:00am Pacific/1:00pm Eastern

Cost? $15

I Offer Workshops & Talks at Your Location

If you are interested in hosting a workshop of 3-6 hours at your location, contact me. Your entire team will benefit and there is NO LIMIT to the number of learners! You provide insight into your objectives and I’ll deliver an amazing workshop.

How Does This Work? FAQ

How Does This Work?

It’s very simple. If you see a class coming up that interests you, simply add to cart and pay for your spot. We accept all major credit cards and Paypal.

I will send you a link that will allow you to join your class. PLEASE enter the class 10 minutes BEFORE class start time.

Your computer’s sound will work fine for the audio. A headset is nice but not necessary. (Blocks the sound in your environment) You may dial in to the number provided if preferred. If your computer has a webcam, you can use the mic built into the camera. (I won’t need to see you)  If you have any questions, contact me and we can do a practice run.

What Tools Do I Need?

I use GOTOMeeting. It’s easy. You only need a computer, tablet or phone capable of seeing a website. You can participate with questions using a mic, webcam, or telephone. You’ll hear the audio through your speakers.

How Do I Join the Class?

You will receive a link and an invitation to join the class. You’ll get the link right after paying for your class.

Will I Be Called On?

I do not believe in putting people on the spot. You are free to ask questions but I will not ask anyone in the audience questions. You are free to watch siltently or participate with comments/questions.

Refunds? Guarantees?

If you are not happy with the class, tell me. You will receive a prompt refund.

Can’t make it to class? You may use your credit for a future class. 24 hours notice is required so I can fill the seat. “No Shows” are not refunded.

Do You offer Private Sessions?

Yes. Your business team may book a private class. And we offer private one-on-one classes to help with specific PowerPoint issues. Call to discuss: (530) 467-5690

Volume Discounts?

Yes! Purchase 3 Vouchers and you’ll get a discount. Larger discounts are available in larger quantities. Contact me to discuss your PowerPoint Training needs. (530) 467-5690 or

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes. Contact me to discuss terms of service.



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Presentation Instructor, Chris Reich

You’ll notice the difference immediately when we work together. My experience extends beyond teaching presentation. I’ve made the speeches, closed the deals, motivated the employees, and soothed the stakeholders. Take a class and see for yourself.
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