Fix Your Presentation

We Work Together Showing You How to Improve YOUR Slides!

You Can Improve Your Presentation

We spend 2 hours polishing your slides!

This class is taught by a live instructor. You send your slides to me and I prepare a quick course showing you how to make your slides look more professional and polished. This can be 1 or more sessions. That’s up to you.


Work with a presentation pro to make your slides look terrific! You learn the best techniques and have a beatiful slide deck when the class is done!

You send me your next presentation. I will review it and prepare a step-by-step quick course just for you. When it’s over, you get your new deck!

You determine how much time you want to spend. That means you set the cost. We can work for as little as an hour or as long as you want. And we can work non-stop or break it into 1 hour (or longer) sessions. Some clients have huge decks to plan and create, some have just a few slides. One doctor had a medical training deck of 225 slides!


  • Colors and how they work
  • Fonts and font problems
  • Data intense slide (How will it all fit????)
  • Creating a graph
  • Where things can go wrong
  • How to make it all look good without spending your next 5 weekends working on slides!

These are just examples. We’ll do what helps you most. All work is 100% confidential. Our secret.


How does this work?

We need to start with a conversation. Call or email using the links below. I need to understand your requirements first. Then you send me your slides. I’ll look them over and recommend a time frame. Of course, how much time we spend it totally up to you. I might recommend we use 3 hours and you might want to spend only an hour. That’s fine with me.

We schedule the time that works for you. At the agreed time, we have an online meeting and work through your slides. It’s all hands-on. When done, I send you the updated, great looking deck. It’s yours and fully editable. (Our secret!)

Please Don’t Wait!

Waiting until the last minute only makes it harder. The sooner we get started, the more relaxed you will be. I want you to have time to use what you learn and soar beyond what we do in class.

Call or Email Chris Now

Chris Reich, Expert Business Counselor and Adviser

For questions or to book your class, drop me a note. I am happy to talk with you.

(530) 467-5690

Scheduling options?
The class can be scheduled days, nights or weekends. I’m flexible. The only limitation is that classes cannot be scheduled before 9:00 Pacific Time.

The cost for this training is $150. There is no set up cost.  You only pay for the class time! That’s a steal. And, I am a pro. I teach presentation to executives and I lecture on various business topics all over the country.

Group discounts are available too.

I accept all major credit cards. Payment is required in advance of class date. Satisfaction is guaranteed. You have my ‘no risk’ guarantee. You learn new things to your satisfaction or your money back. (Or we keep working—you decide)
What is required? (Technology)
You need an internet connection. We can use computer audio or conference call. That’s it. I will take care of the rest. I use a special meeting software so you do not need a SKYPE account or any other software or accounts. You’ll see everythig I do and hear me speak. You can ask questions and interact with me. You can even take control and try things yourself.
Will I really learn?
You bet. Because the class is taught live, you won’t be pausing videos to try to figure out what’s happening. You can ask questions. I will explain how to make a slide look better and if you agree, I will make the changes while showing you how. By the end, you’ll know a lot more about making business professional slides AND you’ll have a great looking slide set. Remember! We are using YOUR slides. (The class is private and your slides will never be seen by anyone else but you)
One more time. What's covered?
We will do whatever is needed to improve your slides within the time you allow. I guarantee your satisfaction. I have hundreds of happy (secret) clients! We can even animate slides. It’s your presentation and Iwant you to be happy. It’s all about you. My service will blow you away.