Management Presentation and Speaker Training Class

Because You Understand the Importance of Powerful Communication

Expert Instruction

You get the benefit of an instructor who has worked with top teams all over the country. Chris Reich, your instructor is a business instructor and management adviser. You’ll enjoy his style and love of teaching. You will be amazed at what you take away from this class.

Chris Reich teaches advanced presentation training to executives.

Chris Reich guarantees that you and your executive team will be far better presenters after this advanced speaker training. If you want to be a better speaker, this customized class is perfect for you.

Chris, you helped our management team and our sales team take our business into new levels we didn’t think possible. We are working with much bigger clients thanks to what you showed us.

Bob P.

CEO, Manufacturing Co.

Truly Advanced Material

You will learn to techniques used by the best business speakers. When you’ve completed this course, you will:

  • Know how to get what you want from every presentation
  • Speak with confidence backed by proven technique
  • Understand audience psychology and how to use it
  • Be able to speak comfortably with or without slides
  • Create your slide deck (if needed) in 1/2 the time using a proven method
  • Shift gears when speaking to keep your audience listening
  • Stop in the middle of a presentation and gather agreement

The class is fun too. You;ll be encouraged to participate and challenge ME!

What you taught me enabled me to expand my business by 40%. This is great stuff and you can use me for a reference anytime. Thanks Chris,


Richard G.

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Limited Availability

It’s a great course, taught at your location but I must place limits on who can take the course. Why? Because this is an advanced course. If someone signs up expecting advanced business/management training and the class is held back by someone who is not ready for this level, they will be disappointed.

To make sure you get the value from this class, there are some restrictions:

  1. Class size is limited to 1-6 people (No exceptions. If you have more, we can split into small groups.)
  2. We need 4 hours of class time. (Minimum)
  3. Students must be ready for advanced material (We’ll discuss)

There are bonuses! You get a FREE day with the instructor for private coaching, video review, review of pending presentation, or whatever helps your business. I have made millions of dollars for my clients by helping them with important presentations. Let me help your business realize a big return on your training investment.

All students get unlimited post-class support. They can call anytime and NEVER be charged.

Advanced class receives books, DVDs and more. I guarantee results. How? You pay only when class and private (included) training is completed to your satisfaction. No pre-payments, no deposits.

You’d be crazy not to call!


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