Executive Presentation, Communication, and Negotiation Skills Taught by Field-Proven Pro

Structured Classes or Coaching to Help the Busy Executive with Effective Communication

Executive  Level Presentation, Communication, and Negotiation Class

If you are looking for a professional, executive-level presentation class, you’ve found the right instructor. I have worked with CEOs and state governors. I understand what’s needed at the executive level and can provide the training and the insight to improve the communication skills of any business speaker.

Working with senior management requires an instructor with the confidence to challenge even the most seasoned executive and ability to back up the talk with specific techniques. I’m ready for the task. Of course, I too am always learning so every teaching experience is also an opportunity to learn. You’ll find the exchange rewarding.

I prefer to arrange a class of no less than 4 hours and no more than 6 people. That’s because the executive class is fast-paced and based on advanced material. The group must be capable of rapid assimilation of new knowledge. The executive class also includes time at your office with me working one-on-one with management. We can discuss specific issues or pending presentations without the exposure to the group.

To summarize, the executive presentation training class is designed to meet to needs, personalities, and schedules of your executive members. I guarantee satisfaction. How? You pay upon completion. I had better deliver on my promises if I want to get paid!

  • Cost? $4,600 – $5,800  subject to timing, location, and a couple other variables
  • Time? Any 4-hour block you can give me, any day
  • Number of students? 1-6
  • Extras? Free private day with instructor, books, DVDs, Video review, unlimited post-class follow-up—All included

Again, this class is offered “subject to approval” only. (We want to be sure it’s right for you)


Let’s talk: (530) 467-5690  Or Email: Chris@TeachUPresentation.com

Executive Speaker/Presentation Coaching

First, I have to say that I hate the word “coaching”. Especially at this level, it just doesn’t feel right. Coaching conjures up the image of the guy on Saturday Night Live who lives in a trailer down by the river.

That out of the way, I do offer specialized, advanced level speaker and presentation technique training on an individual basis. I have been flown by company jets to awaiting CEOs for me to assist with important presentations. I can help you. If you can’t space the company jet, that’s okay, I do fly commercial. In order words, I’m happy to come to you. You’ll get some of the finest counsel available and I will will work patiently around your schedule.

If you would like help with your speaking technique or assistance with delivery, call me. All work is confidential. Your name isn’t going to show up on my website. I am happy to execute an NDA if desired. My goal is to help you be the best speaker you can be.

This service is not ‘cheap’ but you get 30 years of my experience working with C-level executives. I know what I’m doing and I arrive prepared to work.

Call or email me to discuss dates and terms.

(530) 467-5690



Chris Reich, Presentation Instructor


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