Learn My Exclusive Executive Presentation Creation Method

2 Hours of intense executive presentation design training. Learn to formulate your strategy and carry it through to slide creation. This is how “they” do it with busy schedules.

The best presentation class in the universe. Well, as far as I know it is. You will learn a method to create professional, clear, and effective presentations in very little time. Look, very few people have an admin these days. I developed this technique to help CEOs and top government officials create solid and clean presentations quickly. Executives don’t have hours to spend making slides pretty. They don’t have time to “play” with the order of slides or even to “figure out what to cover”. They use this method.


Who has time to play around with PowerPoint? I want to get my point across. I want my slides to look good. I want to be done in a very short time.

Could be the most productive 2 hours you will spend in your career.

You’ll learn how to plan your presentation so that you won’t waste time trying to figure out what to cover. You will learn how to plan each slide so well that you can literally create an executive presentation in minutes. With practice, you won’t even need slides because you will own your material.

  • Formulate the plan
  • What to say on each slide
  • What “parts” are needed? (Image? Video? Chart? Data? Words?)
  • What to include, what to cut
  • Layout: Make it look professional
  • How to test yourself for effectiveness

I guarantee that if you use this method, you will produce coherent presentations that are more effective and look a lot better than what you do now. Nothing to memorize. No tricky PowerPoint things. You will learn a clear, clean process that is field-proven by my hundreds of executive clients.


How does this work?

Contact me to discuss your schedule. We’ll find a time that works for both of us.  Your class will be totally private unless you wish to invite collegues. There is a discount per seat for added attendees.

The class is conducted by a live instructor.  We dive right in with a test project. I will teach you a step-by-step method that works. You see it on screen. You can interrupt and ask questions any time. The class is private. You and whomever you invite will be the only ones in class. It may be just you.

You will learn some design tips but mostly you will learn about crafting the right message for your presentation.

By the end of the class, you will be able to make a professional PowerPoint presentation in less time.

CEOs You Recognize Use This Method

I have worked with people you would recognize. They immediately saw the value and adopted this method. Now it’s your turn.

Call or Email Chris Now

Chris Reich, Expert Business Counselor and Adviser

For questions or to book your class, drop me a note. I am happy to talk with you.

(530) 467-5690

Scheduling options?
The class can be scheduled days, nights or weekends. I’m flexible. The only limitation is that classes cannot be scheduled before 9:00 Pacific Time.
The class cost is $200. However, for a limited time, you can take the class for $149. SAVE $51!
Group discounts?
Yes! I will discount each seat by 10% if 2 people take the class. I will discount 30% if 3 people take the class. I will discount 40% if 4 or more take the class (maximum 6 learners per class). This applies to the currently advertised rates! If there’s a sale happening, the discount applies to the sale price!
I accept all major credit cards. Payment is required in advance of class date. Satisfaction is guaranteed. You have my ‘no risk’ guarantee. You learn new things to your satisfaction or your money back. (Or we keep working—you decide)
What is required? (Technology)
You need an internet connection. We can use computer audio or conference call. That’s it. I will take care of the rest. I use a special meeting software so you do not need a SKYPE account or any other software or accounts. You’ll see everythig I do and hear me speak. You can ask questions and interact with me. You can even take control and try things yourself.
Will I really learn?
You bet. Because the class is taught live, you won’t be pausing videos to try to figure out what’s happening. You can ask questions. You can even ask about things that aren’t in the course (within reason).
One more time. What's covered?
You will learn a thought process that will help you create clear, crisp, and effective business presentations very quickly. Haven’t you ever admired people who can think fast on their feet? Sure, they have a talent but it’s a learned talent. I’ll teach you how to create a powerful presentation quickly. I’ll also show you how to create attractive slides in very little time. Get a group together and save a ton of money.