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Executive Presentation Consulting & Coaching

Your next presentation will have maximum impact.

Have an important presentation coming up and want to bring your best game? You know there are advancements in the science of persuasion but haven’t had time to read the books. I’ve done the research for you.

You will get private, confidential presentation consulting and coaching through online meetings or in person that will enhance your presentation technique.

If you have an important presentation to deliver and would like a professional to review your slides and provide suggestions, call. I can help you with delivery too. You will learn how to add the right amount of emphasis at the right time.
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If you want to rally the troops or persuade the client, call.

If you want an edge going into a key presentation or speech, call. You’ll get the benefits of research and field-tested experience.
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Actual Case Story
I was brought in by high-ranking government official to review a presentation for a very important project. My client needed to persuade a CEO to donate a very valuable piece of property to the government. He had been working on this for three years and made little progress. The company with the property decided to put it up for sale. My client asked for one final meeting. They company agreed to hear him out one more time. That’s when I got the call.

When we met, the client explained to me all the happenings leading up to this last-ditch meeting. He had his presentation ready for my review and hoped I could provide some tips to help his chances.

I didn’t like his presentation at all. It was the wrong approach. “It won’t work,” I told him.

“I flew you out here for that?” was his reply. “No,” I told him, “we can make a totally new presentation with a completely different approach.”  He said, “First of all, there isn’t enough time. I have to present this in two days. Second, I know what I’m doing and this is good stuff.”  I had to say the words, “Al [name changed], it’s not good and it won’t work. If you let me re-work this with you, we can win.”  He agreed to let me start work.

After creating several new slides, he told me, “This isn’t me. It won’t work. I know.”

I worked on.

When I had about half the slides roughed out I went through them with him. “Use your style, not mine, just stay with this approach, this strategy; it’s better.” I advised.

My client decided, still reluctantly, to work with me to complete the new deck. When we were done he said, “I’ll do this because it’s probably a lost cause anyway.”

We rehearsed the slides the next day and I flew home. I wasn’t sure if he would use our slides or go back to his original slides.

Two days later I got this email:


I am amazed to report that we got the building. I went with the slides we made (with a few changes). It went well. [XXX] called this morning to let me know they were drawing up the papers. We got it. Thank you for your professional and valuable help.


If you have a lot at stake on your next presentation, call me. (530) 467-5690

Executive Presentation Training and Coaching by Chris Reich