Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga stunned the 2015 Oscars crowd by doing something very odd for her. What she did was odd, very odd, for singers today. It worked.

No wardrobe malfunction. No big political statement. No rant. No twerking. She didn’t lick the microphone or wear a ham sandwich.

She sang a song. It wasn’t even an original song.

So what the heck was the big deal?

She sang well. In fact, she sang beautifully.

She sang so beautifully, she brought Julie Andrews to tears. She got praise from Glenn Beck, a right-wing nut case.

She simply sang a song very well.

She said she worked on that song for 6 months. 6 months. Isn’t Lady Gaga a professional singer? Why would she need 6 months of practice to sing a basic show tune?

Because when you take away the weird hair, the meat dress and the 20″ platform shoes, you’ve got nothing more than a singer. A pretty damn good singer who might have forgotten what it meant to sing.

What’s to be learned from all this?

In presentation, it’s all about the real, sincere and genuine you. That, and the content.

Cut the jokes. Cut the corny transitions. Cut the crap and sing your heart out like you really care. Don’t worry about body language and projecting power. You will do that naturally if you care about what you are presenting. Trust me.

Your audience will applaud that. Genuineness is rare and refreshing. Honesty is rare. Give an honest presentation.

Try it.

Chris Reich, Professional Speaker and Presentation Instructor