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Introducing Chris Reich of TeachUPresentation.com

Brief BIO

I have been a self-employed business consultant and teacher for 30 years. When I finished school (still working on my education), I worked in retail management until growing frustrated by the limitations of the corporate world. I struck out on my own at the ripe age of 25 and have been working for my clients ever since.


My educational background includes (so far) physics, astronomy, opera, literature, Game Theory, Chaos Theory, Complexity, Strategic Business Thinking and economics.

I love to learn and, in turn, love to teach. Love of subject is what makes a good teacher. I specialize in executive presentation training. By incorporating current, cutting-edge topics such as Game Theory into my advanced presentation training, my clients see immediate results from their training investment.

What I Do
I change the way people approach presentation. We learn to focus on achieving a goal, not making endless bullets lists that would be better off in a report format. When people present with a clear goal, they can make their presentation with far fewer words. Hours are saved creating presentations too. I make the presentation process fun.

Shock! Sometimes you don’t even need slides! There are times to use a prop and times to just take control and tell a story.

Impact Made
Better. The goal is always “better”. Presentation is communication. Communication is more difficult today because we are all so busy. We are bombarded with messages all day. Attention spans are shorter. People filter messages and look for the point. They make snap judgments.

I teach a presentation method that will get to the point and achieve the desired results. Presentation isn’t about pretty slides. Presentation is all about communication. Some presentations don’t even require slides!

Why I Love What I Do
I get to travel the country, meet very interesting people doing very interesting work. I get to be a part of producing results in very interesting situations. That’s fun! Challenging, yes, but a lot of fun.

What’s Different About What I Do?
I’m not a stuffy consultant or a boring presenter. I won’t waste a minute of your time. We will get on the subject and I’ll hold your interest for the duration of the training. Consistently students will ask, when are you coming back?” I teach the thought process behind effective presentation. No other training organization includes material from Game Theory.

I will spend private time reviewing existing presentations or helping you create a presentation. You may call me at any time for help with a presentation. I provide free, unlimited support to all clients.

What’s In It for You?!
I guarantee you will save time creating presentations after my training. And, I guarantee you will get better results from presentations you deliver. My approach is that different.

Better. Results. Fun.
Anyone can do better. Small improvements aggregate to big results. Work can be fun. Those three points produce great outcomes.

I would like to talk with you and answer your questions. I’ll tell you some interesting stories using a little physics, game theory and even opera. All learning is valuable.

State government official: “Chris, I thought my technique was already pretty good. I tried yours on a real situation and was surprised to get the outcome I wanted in the first round of meetings. You win.”

Business CEO, Houston: “Pretty good deal. You came out to teach a class and on the first day made us $3.5 million dollars.” (I can tell this story)

Solar Company CEO: “I had no idea how off the mark our sales presentation was until you revamped it. Closing rate up from 2% to 20%. Now I believe we can do better. Let’s do an advanced class.”

Metallica (Yes, the heavy metal group): “Chris, you rock. Thanks for the help this past year. Want to go bowling with us?” (Fun project. Yes, we went bowling)

Insurance Executive: “Thank you so much. Now I’ll really need to lean on you. This new position is going to be a lot of work and I want to keep learning.”

Department Head at Major University: “I used what you taught me and got a piece of new equipment I’ve been trying to get for three years! They finally let me have what I needed! Thank you!”

Medical Doctor: “My grand rounds presentation wouldn’t have been nearly as good without your training. The presentation was a breeze.”

Large Bank: “Thanks to your advice, our presentation went very well in spite of having to deliver tough news. You were right on with the approach and many of the stakeholders actually thanked me after I made the presentation.”



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