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Our Exclusive Executive Presentation Planning Method

This method was developed after years of research and interviews with top executives. I added my own experience and came up with this proven step-by-step process. After this course you will create better presentations in less time. The method works so well that if necessary, you won’t even need slides to deliver a great presentation.

Create Better Business Slides

Do you spend too much time trying to get your presentation slides to look good? Does it feel like a trial and error process until suddenly a slide looks “good enough”? You can save a lot of time and create great looking slides if you know a few design tricks. You don’t have to be a graphic artist. This class is designed to help business professionals save time and create sharper slide decks.

Animate Your Process Presentation

Maybe you want to demonstrate a procedure, explain a new complex program or conduct a training? All of these are far more engaging if they are animated as sequential steps. No, not dancing baloney! I’m never going to show you how to nauseate your audience with bouncing bullet lists. I will teach you how to make very professional animations in PowerPoint. One of my clients used this style of animation to close a $4M deal!

Online Presentation Class Taught by Chris Reich

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Time: 2.5 Hours

Schedule: I will call and work that out with you

Executive Presentation Planning Method

After completing this class, you will approach creating your next presentation in an entirely different way. Not only will you save time, but your presentation will also be better focused and sharper looking.

If you’re like most of us, your work week is longer than ever. When a presentation is required, creating the slides is a task for evenings and weekends. It’s too hard to plan slides with ringing phones and constant interruptions. It’s no easier at home! To get the content right, most busy people use a ‘trial and error’ process. You start by getting everything you think you need onto slides and then you spend hours making it look better. It’s done when the time runs out, or you feel it’s good enough to pass.

I developed a method for creating presentations that will save you a lot of time while producing a much better slide deck. Working closely with executives, I’ve seen where the time goes when they work on a presentation.

I make suggestions for work-flow and they give me feedback. After years of private coaching, I put the steps I’ve developed into this executive presentation design class. Now you can learn the method I have taught privately for years. It works and it’s easy!


Zero to Hero: Create Better Business Slides

After completing this class, you will be able to make any slide look better. We tackle 5 typical business slides. They are unformatted and very boring. Using time-saving techniques, we will transform each slide into a sharp, professional business slide.

If you have a company template that you are required to use, we can work with it. You’ll learn how to create much better looking slides even on the company template.

We start the following typical business slides:

  • Title Slide/Text Slide
  • Bullet List Slide
  • Image Slide
  • Data Intense Slide
  • Graph Slide
  • A Massive Spreadsheet (Time Permitting)

Each of these sample slides is pretty bad. By the time we’re done, each slide will be worthy of presentation in any business situation.

Before we start cleaning up our sample slides, we will set colors and format a master slide. That’s a huge time-saver if you know the tricks.

Create Better Business Slides | Online Class

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Time: 2.5 Hours

Schedule: I will call and work that out with you

Online Class | Animate with PowerPoint

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Time: 2.5 Hours

Schedule: I will call and work that out with you

Animate with PowerPoint

After completing this class, you will be able to create a variety of animations using only PowerPoint.

If you make sales, training, or process presentations, they could look even better if animated. No, not the usual flashy roller-coaster junk that Bert always puts in his presentations because he thinks it adds interest, you will learn how to create flowing scenes using PowerPoint. Everyone can use video to make better presentations. You will be amazed at the power of PowerPoint!

You don’t have to be a PowerPoint expert to take this class. If you are a little bit creative and able to put basic slides together, I’ll teach you how to create impressive video presentations. Be ready for people to ask: “How did you do that?!”


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