TeachU Presentation

Intermediate – Advanced Presentation and Speaker Training
Our Focus
Our focus is on helping you achieve your goals with every presentation, speech, talk, or class you deliver. You will learn how to identify and focus your goals. Next, you will learn the TeachU To Win™ technique based years of research and proven by hundreds of our clients who have told us their success stories.
Our Style
We use an approach that could be called business casual. We provide specific examples based on real situations blended with just a dash of humor. Every learning situation is very interactive. Questions are welcome and challenges are encouraged. Everyone participates. We guarantee that everyone will learn something of value no matter how experienced.


Onsite Classes

Classes work best for small groups because of the amount of student participation. We can make it work with a large group or divide into small units. Presented at your location.

Onsite Workshops

Workshops at your location are less formal, interactive education experiences designed to improve every speaker and give you a sampling of our style in a short time. We’ll need 2-4 hours to rock your speaking world. (Unlimited group size)

Online Courses

You will become a far better presenter/speaker with this private online executive training. We have dozens of specialized modules or you can set the agenda. Learn from an experienced speaker.

For those at the Top

Important presentation or speech coming up? Chris Reich, experienced speaking adviser will come to you. Together I will help craft your message and coach your delivery.


Being a good speaker is a skill that requires practice. We have worked with top executives and government leaders and can help you present a clear, confident, and concise message. Every presentation must start with a cleanly distilled goal and planned through a laser focused lens. Though ‘strategy’ is an over-used word, it does express what we do. We teach a strategy for delivering your message that will work. We won’t teach you to imitate anyone. Be yourself. Use the strategy we teach you and you will be a great speaker.


My Assistants

Business Partners

Every business is built around those who make it great. I know these two make me a better person. You can’t look at them and not feel a boost! They are my valuable office assistants and constant companions when I’m out exploring nature. Behind every great person is a dog. (or a cat!)

Chris Reich (Pronounced "rich")


I have helped business professionals reach their goals for nearly 30 years. My first business was medical practice consulting practice which changed form as technology evolved over the years. I am a life-long learner who has studied physics, astronomy, world literature, business, and strategic speech planning.

My work has been with CEOs and as interim CEO of companies in need of turn-around help. I have negotiated partnership dispute resolutions and helped clients close large business deals. Recently, I took up the ukulele with the goal of learning to play an instrument. It’s fair to say that when I’m teaching, I am learning. The brain is a great playground!

Astronomy, Physics, Literature


When not teaching or helping a business overcome a problem, I like to be out with one of my many telescopes studying the sun or the night sky. I enjoy nature and have had many unusual experiences from dealing with bears to photographing snakes in the act of mating. (True)

I love to read and encourage everyone to not be afraid of Virginia Woolf.

“Chris, thank you for your guidance and patience. Your training helped us fix the client relationship and close that deal. That probably saved our business. I look forward to seeing you again soon. We have more to do to get where I want us to be. ”
Art S., CEO, Solar Industry

TeachU Presentation is a TeachU Company

Presentation Instructor, Chris Reich

You’ll notice the difference immediately when we work together. My experience extends beyond teaching presentation. I’ve made the speeches, closed the deals, motivated the employees, and soothed the stakeholders. Call me to discuss your presentation and speaker training needs.
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