Increase Your Influence

Unlock Game Theory to Get More of the Results You Want

Executives and Sales Professionals Have Learned the Key to Influence.

Game Theory is based on real science and works as soon as you understand and use it.

It’s not an unfounded belief in mystical “laws of attraction.”

Be More Influential

You can be more influential as a team manager, sales specialist, or customer relations genius.  Understanding how decisions are made and why people act the way they do will help you get more of what you want to be more successful.

They key is simple. No pressure. No weird laws of attraction. No body language secrets. You have to have a deeper understanding of what motivates people.

  • “I tried for 5 years to convince my board to let me expand operations. After you explained Game Theory, I was able to persuade them in one meeting.”
  •  “We were in a dispute with our biggest client. After 18 mos. of negotiations, they wanted $3.5 million refunded. Using what you taught us, we had a final meeting and the claim was dropped. Not only that, the client was very happy.”
  • “We never thought we could get them [company name omitted for privacy] to drop the price on the building we needed. Guess what?! They are donating it to us! Thank you!”
  • “We have never made what we consider a big sale. Using what you taught us about Game Theory, we closed a huge deal this week!”

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You’ll notice the difference immediately when we work together. I’ve made the speeches, closed the deals, motivated the employees, fixed failing partnerships, and soothed the stakeholders. If you want to be more influential in your business sphere, arrange for a presentation on Game Theory. It will rock your world.
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Be an Effective Leader

You will see those around you respond to your leadership skills.


Be a Powerful Negotiator

Your negotiation skills will soar way beyond trying to achieve a win-win.


Be a Super Seller

Take your sales skills up to a new level without applying pressure or using old-school sales techniques.

In Just 6 Hours! Learn How Game Theory Will Enhance Your Influence.

Game Theory is about understanding the motivators of human behavior. If you know what will drive a prospect to buy from you or a team member to follow your leadership, you will see big gains in the influence you exert without applying any pressure.

This course is taught at your location. The all-inclusive low fee covers unlimited number of attendees. If you can seat them, I will teach them.

About Chris Reich

Mediator, Speaker, Educator

I have devoted my entire work career to helping people do better in business. Today, most of my time goes to my business mediation practice.

Game Theory can help everyone in business be more influential so I can’t stop teaching it! Game Theory is an important part of my mediation practice. It helps resolve conflict. You will be more influential if you understand and use Game Theory.

For fun, I also teach physics, astronomy. literature and opera. For the most fun of all, I run around outside in the glorious mountains of Northern California with my dogs.

My Approach

A class should always be worth your time and money. I present a Game Theory class in 6 hours that will rock your world. I’ve helped close multi-million dollar deals in my first day working with a new company because Game Theory WORKS. You won’t have to practice for months before you see results but you will get better with practice.

My Process

I tune every class to your team and situation because I want you to get the most from this class. There will be games, demonstrations, and real-world examples to prepare every member of your team to be more powerfully influential immediately. Get a quote. You’ll be stunned at how reasonable this class is.

Unique Offering

You might find Game Theory classes but you’ll never find a class like mine that is designed specifically to help business people be more influential. What does that mean? It means you’ll hear “yes” more often. You’ll get the sales and the respect. You’ll get cooperation from prospects and you’ll never feel uncomfortable because you’ll never apply pressure. Game Theory is about learning how to go way beyond win-win.

Just Get a Quote! You’ll be Shocked at the Low Price.

This course will pay you back many times over.

That’s a claim you here often but I can back it up with results. One client made $3.5 MILLION the same day as the class! You may not get that much, that fast, but you will see results immediately if you use what I will teach you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn How it Works!

Is this class customized to our group?

Yes. I will purpose according to the function and level of your group. If they are a sales team, we’ll focus on how to use Game Theory to boost sales.

How long is the class?

The class is 6 hours in duration. I normally plan a break in the middle.

How many people can we put in a class?

As many as you are able to seat.

What is the cost?

Use the form below to request a quote. I need to know your location in order to provide you with an all-inclusive price. Also, try to plan your class for about 30 days in advance. That allows me to save travel cost which I pass to you.

Is it all lecture?

No. 6 hours of lecture would be dull! There are demonstrations and examples for discussion throughout the class. It’s very interactive and a lot of fun.

Do you teach other classes?

I currently only teach Game Theory. Keep in mind that this class will teach how to use Game Theory. I never liked classes where I couldn’t figure out how to use what I was being taught in the real world.

For example, I used Game Theory to buy a new car and it saved me thousands of dollars.