Private Presentation Class Taught Online

This could change your life (seriously)

Chris! I got the job! Thanks for the help. When they asked for a 1 hour presentation I panicked. So glad I found you! The training and help making the slides got me the job. We will be in touch. Thanks again!

Craig N.

Regional Manager

Private Online Presentation Course

You will wish you found this class a long time ago. Be the presenter you can be.

You will be a master presenter after this class. Your presentations will look better. Your speaking ability will be more impressive and confident. You will get the reaction you want from your presentations.


If you’re like me, you tried an online course and weren’t happy with the results. You had a question and couldn’t get an answer. The pace was too slow. You didn’t really learn anything that you couldn’t just look up. The lectures were good but too short.

This class is not like that. You are working with a live instructor. It’s like having a private tutor, not a robot.

This course is taught by a live instructor over 4 structured sessions of about 2 hours per session. Each session is packed with advanced presentation tip demonstrated by the instructor and then practiced by you. You won’t be watching videos and reading PDFs. You interact with your live teacher. Course is customized to your level and tuned to your business need.

Have a group? No problem, we can do that too. Call for details. (530) 467-5690

If you prefer presentation coaching by the hour, we can do that too.

How Does This Private Presentation Course Work?

You meet online with the instructor, privately, for each class session. The instructor will show you “how” and give examples then it’s your turn to “do”. You’ll learn a lot of great concepts and get plenty of practice.

When? You determine the schedule. (Pretty much) Yes, we do nights and weekends.

What’s Needed? An internet connection and webcam.

What’s Covered? We teach the course based on your requirements. We have beginner through advanced modules. Based on your goals, we will choose the modules appropriate for you. Learn design tips that will save you time and help you produce great-looking presentations. Learn the strategy of presentation that will make every presentation more effective. Guaranteed.

Some of the subjects I recommend we cover are:

  • How to structure a presentation for proper flow
  • How to design a great looking set of slides in a short time
  • How to build the entire presentation fast
  • Why some presentations look awful and some don’t
  • How to achieve the desired outcome in the fewest possible slides
  • How to be more persuasive and influential in your speaking

You are guaranteed to be a better presenter when you complete this course. You will love the range of topics that we cover. And don’t worry, if I start a topic you already know, we’ll skip it and move on. You will be 100% satisfied with every session. Students always say, “really? it’s been 2 hours? That flew by!”

Certificates? Yes. You will receive a certificate of completion that may entitle you to reimbursement by your company. Education is generally tax deductible: ask your tax preparer.

How to Get Started? We’ll have a conversation about your goals. We will pick the modules that will meet your objectives and make you a better speaker than you thought possible. We’ll set up a schedule. At the time of your class, we’ll meet using our online software. It will be you and the instructor only. (We can take up to 12 people if you have a group at your organization)

You are worth it. Make an investment in your education and you will see the return.

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