You Will Make Great Things Happen

You Will Be a Great Speaker After This Course

Taught Online, Live, Private

You will be a master presenter after this class. Take your presentation ability to the next level.  Your presentations will look better. You will be impressive.

This course is taught by a live instructor over 4 structured sessions of 1 hour duration. Each session will be packed with valuable presentation material, at your level, demonstrated by the instructor and practiced by you. You won't be watching canned videos. We have beginner through advanced courses.

When? You determine the schedule.  (Pretty much) Yes, we do nights and weekends.

What's Needed? An internet connection, webcam is helpful

What's Covered? We teach the course based on your starting point. We have beginner through advanced modules. Based on your goals, we will choose the modules appropriate for you. You are guaranteed to be a better presenter when you complete this course.

Discounts Available, Call for Details!

Certificates? Yes. You will receive a certificate of completion that may entitle you to reimbursement by your company. Education is generally tax deductible: ask your tax preparer.

How Does it Work?  Once you enroll, we'll have a converstation about your goals. We will pick the modules that will meet your objectives and make you a better speaker than you thought possible. We'll set up a schedule too.  At the time of your class, we'll meet using our online software. It will be you and the instructor only. (We can take up to 6 people if you wish to invite others---you'll get a group discount too!)

If you have three people, we can set up a small group class.

Professional Presentation Training
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100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If you are not happy with this course, you will receive a full refund.

Sample Presentation Class Outline:

(Actual Outline will depend on your needs and level)

Session 1: Planning a Presentation
  • Setting up a "look"
  • How to design a successful business presentation
  • Tips to create the presentation slides
  • How to get the results desired from your presentation (Avoid common mistakes)
  • How to avoid embarrassing moments
  • When to use images
  • When to use hand-outs

Session 2: Tips to Save Time Creating a Presentation
  • Review of your presentations (Class Project)
  • How to plan for your audience
  • "Insider" PowerPoint Tricks and Tips
  • How to save a lot of time creating presentations (This is a HUGE topic)

Session 3: The Strategy Behind Advanced PresentationOnline Advanced Presentation Training by Chris Reich
  • How to take command of a room
  • How "High Stakes" decisions are made and how this affects executive presentation
  • How to draw (and control) group discussion from presentation
  • How to defeat cognitive biases during presentation
  • How framing in presentation changes outlook (outcome!)
  • How to gain acceptance of ideas through presentation
  • How game theory can improve your presentation receptivity
  • "Groupthink" can kill a presentation
  • How to encourage healthy discussion during a presentation

Session 4: Review of Your Existing Presentations, Excercises from Course Material

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