Business Presentation Training for
Groups and Individuals

"Um, uh, well, any questions?"

That presentation could have gone better...

Your next presentation is going to blow them away. They'll ask, "Where'd you learn that?!"

I offer presentation training classes and workshops to help people become better speakers. You and your team will be better at design, strategy and delivery of presentations. Every training is an experience customized to hit your goals.

TeachU Presentation is your best choice for presentation training because you'll learn methods, shortcuts and presentation strategies that work. Clients tell me that every day: "I got the deal!" "We got the project!" "We saved the client!" "I got a promotion!"  

I'm always adding new material for business presentation classes and workshops. I'm so confident that you will be happy that I offer a guarantee no one dares to copy: You only pay for your training after class and you are happy. No deposits. No prepayments.

Okay, you understand that I will customize your course to meet your objectives, right? Now let's look at some options.

What Kind of Training Experience Are You Looking For?

  • Classes: Complete presentation courses covering all the important stuff from design to delivery. Classes take  more time to complete but are the most comprehensive.  We offer group and individual courses.
  • Workshops: Workshops are a fast blast of key material. They are presented at your location and are designed to hit the weak spots that you define. There is no limit to the number of people you can put in a workshop. A workshop can last from 2-6 hours. I can cover a lot of important stuff in 2 hours so if that's all the time you can give, we'll make it the most productive 2 hours ever. (Any size group)
  • Executive Training and Coaching: For experienced speakers who want to improve their speaking skills, choose an intensive, small group class or private executive coaching. (1 - 6 experienced people)
  • Private Presentation/Speaker Coaching: Open to anyone, you get coaching by the hour. We work together online. (Private, individual)

What Makes TeachU Presentation So Different?

The difference is in the powerful and detailed material you will learn about strategy. Strategic advantages like Game Theory work if you understand how to use it. You'll learn how to use this powerful technique. You'll practice what you learn in class. I have piles of letters and emails from clients who accomplished things they never thought possible before class.

I teach all of the classes. That means you get an instructor who cares about your satisfaction. (It's my business)

You don't have to be a graphic designer or a brilliant story-teller. You will be more persuasive by using professional, not flashy techniques.

Take the stress out of presentation. You will enjoy making presentations after one of my courses.

There will be an end to reading slides. No walls of text projected. No more flat finishes. No dancing baloney either. With the strategy you'll learn from me, you will save time, create sharper slides and be a better speaker.

"You blew them away. We had no idea how much we could learn from a presentation class."
Presentation and Speaking Instructor, Chris Reich of TeachUPresentation

"I love the excitement when groups see the possibilities from the new things they learn."

Chris Reich Offers Presentation and Speaking Tips

Our Clients Say...

"...we had very high expectations and you exceeded them. Great course"

"Our people are all highly educated making it difficult to find a training program at their level. You impressed them all!"

"Your section on Game Theory was very eye-opening. The entire team is now more capable at negotiation..."

"This was the best training we have hosted. The reviews are great.  I hope we can get you back again when there is money in the budget."

"The workshop was great. Our sales team is fired up. Hopefully we will see it reflected in new sales."

"Everyone was happy with the class. The whole group gave very positive comments."

Don't you prefer to talk with a real person? Tell me about your situation and I'll answer all of your questions. Easy. If I'm teaching, I'll call you right back, usually within a couple hours.

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"You'll be glad you found this site. This is the program the others try to copy.
Let me put you in touch with some clients so you can hear what they have to say."
Chris Reich Offers Executive Presentation Training

Dancing Baloney presentation Tip

You have NO RISK. I give the Best Guarantee Possible:
Pay AFTER class and only if you are satisfied. No deposits. No pre-payment.

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