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Our advanced executive level presentation training is like no other. With our training your next presentation will be better focused and you will get the results you want. You will save time creating presentations too. The most common feedback we hear from our clients is, “The boss said, Wow! Where did you learn that!?”

Wow your audience.

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We got a lot more than we expected. Not only did we get presentation skills training, we got a strategy to save a relationship with our biggest customer. Thank you Chris!

Terri S.

Director HR & Training Services


Improvement of Presentation Clarity and Effectiveness


Improvement in Audience Reaction to Presentation


Improvement in Speaker Confidence


Time Saved Creating Presentations

What We Offer

You get presentation training like no other. Each course is built from our library of modules each chosen to address a specific need you identify. We guarantee the right amount of time will be spent on the topics that produce the maximum benefit.

You select modules ranging from presentation design to dealing with tough presentation situations. This works best with groups of 4-12 people. If you have more than 12, we can break into groups.

Workshops are perfect if you have a big group and limited time. You’ll see improvement in your speakers and everyone will learn something new. This is not as deep as our presentation course but we can cover a lot in 2-4 hours (you decide). There is no limit to the number of people you can put in a workshop!

The price? Here’s a surprise! The price is not based on the number of people you book into your workshop. We base the price solely on cost (travel) plus time (preparation and teacher fee). We can give you a quote within an hour.

Looking for a little help with a major presentation? We can help with the design and give you some important delivery tips. This service is charged by the hour at our crazy reasonable rate. Can’t put it here or it would cause a riot of our competitors!

Call for rates and scheduling. Subject to mutually available times.


If your big presentation is that important to you, it is important to me. I will personally get on a plane and rush to your aide. Whether you need help refining the material or would like the feedback from an expert speaking coach, I will be there to help.

If it matters, why not do it right? I have helped companies make millions in a single presentation.

  • Presentation On Point 100%
  • Better Audience Engagement 100%
  • Speaker in Control 100%

Serious Fun!

Everyone Participates

Our classes are very engaging. People learn when they are having fun. There is a lot of interaction in class.

Everyone Learns

Everyone is guaranteed to learn something new and useful. Your group will learn design techniques that work and strategies that are proven.

Our Unique Guarantee

You pay when we deliver. If you are happy, we get paid. There are no pre-payments.

Limited Time Special Discount

Book your classes for the fall and save 20%! Call for details. (530) 467-5690

Making a presentation is an opportunity to showcase your skills if you know how.

After class I promise you will:

  1. Make more professional looking presentations (without having to be an artist)
  2. Create more audience interest and engagement (Being yourself, not trying to be Steve Jobs)
  3. Cut the time you need to create a presentation by half (Without cutting corners)
  4. Get what you want from your presentations more often (More sales, agreement, consensus)
What level of clients do you work with?
We specialize in advanced presentation training. We teach professional presentation design and strategy. Our intermediate through advanced courses include powerful negotiation techniques. That said, we also work with beginners on track with career development.
How far in advance must we book?
We need at least 30 days advance planning for your class. Because each course is custom planned to your group, it takes time working with your contact point to fine-tune the course. Also, booking travel 30 days in advance saves money and we pass that savings directly to you.
Discounts available?
Indeed! We offer discounts based on volume, length of stay at your business and type of organization. We discount non-profit organizations and universities. Government agencies that facilitate the paperwork for us also get a discount.

“Chris, I thought my technique was already pretty good. I tried yours on a real situation and was surprised to get the outcome I wanted in the first round of meetings. You win.”

Top Ranked State Government Official

“Pretty good deal. You came out to teach a class and on the first day made us $3.5 million dollars.”

CEO, Houston Based International Company

“Thank you so much. Now I’ll really need to lean on you. This new position is going to be a lot of work and I want to keep learning.”

Insurance Company Executive

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Drop us a line anytime. We’re ready to serve you. We take care of our clients.  Remember! You pay when the work is done to your satisfaction!

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