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On-Site Presentation Training for Professionals and Executives

Intermediate-Advanced, Executive Presentation Training

Taught at Your Office

Yes! We offer on-site intermediate-advanced presentation training that will make your team amazing speakers.

If you want to land the deals, convince the boss, communicate with teams and be the speaker people want to hear, arrange a workshop.

You can be a great speaker. It's true. You'll even begin to enjoy it. Presenting is a lot more fun when you're confident and know you will get the outcome you want.

You will learn how to handle difficult presentation situations too.  

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Chris Reich of TeachU Presentation Teaching at The California Court Association

Tell us where you think your presentation skills could be improved and with your goals, people, schedule and budget in mind, we give you a proposal you can't resist.
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Class, Workshop, Executive

Classes are in-depth and require more time than workshops. We break into groups of 4-16 learners for your classes.  You receive added services with your classes such as books, private time with the instructor and unlimited post-class support.

Our workshops cover a lot of great material in a short time, typically 2-4  hours. There is no real limit to the number of people who can attend a workshop. You are welcome to give us target topics to include and we will plan the perfect event. We will cover the most important items in presentation from design to strategy.

Workshops are ideal when you pull your team together for big meetings.  

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TeachUPresentation’s Chris Reich offers advanced presentation training

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What Is Unique About Our Approach to Presentation?

Your business is leaving too much on the table. Communication, persuasion, influence and strategic thinking are the keys to unlock your business potential.

Advanced Presentation Training Instructor, Chris Reich
Chris Reich, Presentation Instructor

Your instructor has a background in business and science. Chris Reich has a diverse education background in astronomy, physics, economics and business. He enjoys solar astronomy, literature, opera and observing nature from his office in the mountains of Northern California.  

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"Thank you! We are very happy with the training." "Great job. We are seeing better presentations already." "Perfect. You gave us exactly the training we needed." "Good news! They were so pleased with the classes they want to expand to other departments. Can you come back next month?" "We are so glad we found you. The team really enjoyed the classes."

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Chris Reich is a member of the AAPT
(Why physics? I use physics to teach business at